Better Roof Ventilation Can Lead To Fewer Repairs

Most homeowners know that water damage is one of the biggest reasons your roof could need to be repaired. However, did you know that another major cause of residential roof damage is a lack of proper ventilation? Your attic should stay at a warm temperature while resisting moisture buildup. Ventilation is necessary for both of those conditions, as regular airflow maintains the temperature and humidity. If the airflow is unbalanced, your attic is susceptible to overheating. When your attic overheats, the extra heat will filter down to the rest of your house, and if your attic accumulates moisture in the cooler months, you can get mildew and other damages to your insulation.

Poor Roof Ventilation Leads to:

  • Weakened Insulation
  • Mildew And Mold Growth
  • Warping Of Your Roof Deck
  • Warping Of Your Roof Frame
  • Ruined Siding
  • And More!

These problems are hard to notice at first, and incredibly costly to repair. The longer these issues go unnoticed, the worse they can become, even going so far as to damage the structure of your home. Yearly roof inspections are a great way to prevent long-term damages to your roof and home, as a qualified inspector can find signs of weakness in your roof with ease. If you’re worried that your home has poor roof ventilation in Bridgeview, IL, give us a call today at (708) 422-2624. Our licensed roofers can repair or replace your roof at an affordable price!

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Have Your Roof Inspected Annually!