The Benefits of Rubber Shingles

Currently, the most popular roofing material used today is asphalt shingles. It is a durable and inexpensive material that requires little maintenance. But how does it stack up against rubber shingles? Here are some of the benefits of rubber shingles and how they compare to the ever popular asphalt roofing material.

Compared to asphalt, rubber shingles are mRubber Shinglesuch sturdier and last a lot longer. Rubber shingles can last up to 75 years while asphalt shingles tend to last around 20 – 30 years. Rubber shingles are also seamless which will prevent water leaks.

Both materials are made out of lightweight materials and are very easy to install on any roof shapes. Rubber shingles are designed in a way that they can mimic the look of other roofing materials including slate tiles so you can have the look of stone tiles without the price.

One of the best aspects of rubber shingles is how durable the material is no matter what the conditions are. Asphalt can suffer irreparable damage in strong winds and hailstorms. Rubber shingles are made to protect the roof of your home without sustaining any damage.

If you are looking for an environment friendly roofing material, rubber shingles is the way to go. The rubber used is a typically made from recycled material while asphalt shingles are not.

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