Commercial Roofing Materials Compared

There are many commercial roofing materials available, and to the outside they sound very similar. Here are a few tips to help you choose which is best for your business!

commercial roofing materials


An extremely popular commercial roofing material, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing has many benefits. It is one of the more affordable options and most commercial TPO roofs last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. TPO is a rubber roofing material that comes in rolls. Your roofing contractor will roll out the TPO and can be mechanically fastened, heat welded, or glued onto the roof. Because it is white, it is generally more reflective than a black roofing material like EPDM. This can help keep your roof cooler and reduce your building’s cooling load.


EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofing is a synthetic rubber material, most commonly found in black. You can also find EPDM roofs with a white layer on top to help increase reflectivity. EPDM roofs have been known to last 40+ years and stand up well against environmental effects. There are three methods of installation: ballasting, fully-adhered, and mechanically attached. Talk to one of our roofers to determine which is the best option for your building.


Different than the rubber roofing membranes, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic roofing material. It is heat welded at the seams and can be adhered with various techniques. It is more expensive than the other membrane roofing options and has a life expectancy of 20+ years. PVC maintains high UV resistance and durability.


Metal roofing is certainly the most expensive option, but it is also the most durable. Metal roofs can easily last 50+ years and require very little maintenance. It has superior durability, reflects sunlight, and helps insulate your building. Most commercial metal roofs are standing seam roofs, and you may even see this style on residential buildings. Another bonus: many insurance companies provide tax credits or discounts to businesses with metal roofs, up to 35%. Compared to membrane roofs, metal is a solid, excellent choice. However, metal may not work on all commercial buildings and the cost may be too much if you have a large building.

Not sure which material is best for your business? Call your local commercial roofing contractors at Prusak Roofing at (708) 422-2624. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect commercial roofing materials!