Common Roof Damage Reasons

Shingles Become Damaged And Missing Over Time.

Many people only think of their roof during storm season. However, your roof might be getting damaged without you even knowing. It’s good to understand some of the causes of roof damages.

The damages to your roof can take many forms. The flashing, which connects chimneys and vents to the roof, might be missing which could be a sign of roof damage. If the shingles are losing grains, it might be time to change them out. Missing, curling, or lifting shingles are also signs of roof damage.

What causes some of these problems?

Age: A roof’s age impacts it’s resistance to severe weather. Over time, shingles and nails loosen and become less resistant against wind and water. Flashing that connects your roof to chimneys and other fixtures along the roof can wear down and break.

Animals: Squirrels and other creatures can weak the shingles by walking on the roof or by creating openings to nest in the attics.

Hail: Ranging in size from a pellet to a softball, hail can knock shingles loose and make a hole in your roof. The larger hail can create major damage to your roof, especially if it’s an older roof.

Water: When water works its way past the shingles, the layers beneath the shingle can rot and even cause leaks. Moss can aggravate this problem by growing between the shingles and collecting water. As water freezes and refreezes, it can weaken the shingles and flashing.

Wind: As wind picks up, it can carry objects or cause low hanging tree limbs to scrape up against the roof loosening the shingles. Over time, wind can even loosen nails and lift shingles.

If your roof has any damage, you may want professionals to take a look at it. A small problem like a leak can escalate over time. Contact Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. and our team of professionals at (708) 422-2624.