How Does a Solar Fan Work

Solar Fan Mounted on Roof

A Solar Fan Can Dramatically Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the energy efficiency of your home and lower your heating bills, you might be wondering about the benefits of a solar fan. Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. is ready to discuss the advantages to installing a solar fan in your attic. Give our office a call today at (708) 422-2624.

How Does a Solar Fan Cool Your House?

Solar fans use solar power to lower the temperature of your attic by almost 40 degrees. This in turn lowers the internal temperature in the entire house. There are three basic steps in the process of cooling your house with a solar fan.

Step 1: Heat enters the Attic
When the sun beats down on the roof of your house, a lot of that heat gets absorbed through the roofing material into the attic. In most attics, there are ventilation spaces to allow some of the hot to escape outside, but it is not usually enough to really compensate for the heat coming in.

Step 2: The Solar Fan Spins
Solar fans use the power from the sun to run the motor that makes the fan blades spin. This increases the air movement in the attic, which increases the capacity of the ventilation system.

Step 3: Warm Air Leaves the Attic
As the ventilation in the attic increases, the amount of hot air that is able to escape the attic also increases. This lowers the temperature of the attic, which in turn lowers the temperature of your entire house.

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A solar fan also keeps your attic from retaining moisture, which can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If you’re interested in learning more about solar powered fans to cool your home, contact our office at (708) 422-2624 and schedule an appointment today.