Metal vs. Traditional Roofing

residential roofHaving trouble deciding what the best choice is for you roofing system between traditional and metal roofing systems? Both metal and traditional shingle roofs both have their benefits, but lets find out which system accommodates your roofing needs more.

Though metal roofs may be more expensive for upfront costs, they last decades longer than that of traditional roofing systems without required maintenance or repair which becomes expensive over time. With traditional shingle roofs, the upfront cost is much cheaper than metal roofs, but these systems require frequent repair and maintenance to ensure the roofing system has a durable and long-lasting lifespan. Traditional shingles also have more to work with to get the exact accommodation of your residential roof. Before making a tough decision as this one, it’s always important to collaborate with a professional roofing contractor, so you know you’re getting the best roofing system for you and your family.

Metal And Shingle Roof Installation


Depending on which system you choose for your roof, the installation process can take from a couple of hours to a few days. Metal roofs tend to be more energy efficient due to their reflectivity. They also are environmentally friendly as they do not require as much tear-off waste as traditional roofs, which take a few days to install. Metal roofs also take a few days to install but is a safe and easy process that doesn’t distract our clients from their daily routines.

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