Preventing Roof Leaks

Dealing with a roof leak can not only cause a lot of stress but it can create a lot of expensive repairs too. We’ll go over some of the common issues that result in leaks in your roof structure and how to prevent them.

Gutter Full of Leaves

Shingles are susceptible to damage caused by aging, storms, debris, etc. The damage comes in many forms too. It might be a small dent, a crack, or a few shingles being torn off. Any of these can create an exposed area of your roof that will allow water to seep in. Checking up on the condition of your roof is a good way to ensure that these types of damage don’t exist to harm your home.

The rain gutters can cause a lot of trouble when they aren’t maintained properly. When debris like leaves and twigs start piling up in the gutter system, it prevents water flowing to the downspouts. The water begins to overflow onto the roof and sides of the house which can result in leaks and wood rot. Making sure to clear out your gutters, especially in the autumn while leaves are falling, will prevent water overflow from damaging your roof.

Having your roof inspected by a roof inspector, will ensure that your roof is well maintained and damage free. A professional roofer can thoroughly check the shingles and gutters for any signs of cracks forming or small dents that could get worse over time.

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