Reduce Potential Repairs with Better Ventilation

Roof Ventilation SystemsA lack of proper ventilation in roofing systems is one of the frequent causes of roof repairs. The attic needs to stay at a warm temperature without building up any moisture and roof ventilation is necessary for both. If the airflow does not stay balanced the roof is prone to costly damage.

The ventilation in the roof is required to keep air flowing through the attic during the summer so that it does not overheat. Extra heat in the attic will filter down into the rest of the house. The attic is capable of collecting moisture in damp conditions during the winter without ventilation. A buildup of moisture can cause damage in the insulation.

These are problems that are likely to occur if there is not enough ventilation in the roof:

  • Weakened insulation
  • Ruined siding
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Roof Frame Warping
  • Roof Deck Warping

The damage caused by these common problem can be costly to fix. The longer the damage goes unnoticed, the more likely it is for the damage to slowly spread into other areas of the roof until it could cause issues with the frame of the house too. In order to prevent this problems, we recommend having your roof inspected for any signs of weaknesses in the roof structure and ventilation. It is less costly to update the ventilation system in your roof than to repair the damage caused by poor air flow. Contact Prusak Roofing today if you think your roof may be in need of repairs.

One of our licensed roofing inspectors will visit to do a thorough inspection of your roof to check for any signs of insufficient ventilation or noticeable indications of leaks or damage. A well ventilated roof is one of the best ways to prevent on potentially damage or future repairs. Call today for roof inspections and repairs in Bridgeview, IL.