Green Roofs

macro-1016337_1280Are you a homeowner that’s interested in alternative roofing solutions? At Prusak Roofing, we specialize in green roof installation and repair in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL. A green roofing system consists of partial or complete vegetation covering a planted waterproof membrane. Most green roofing systems are installed for flat roofing surfaces. It also may consist additional layers like root barriers, and drainage and irrigation systems. Green roofing systems help companies demonstrate an environmentally friendly attitude to the public and they have been known to decrease stress as well for those who work or reside inside. Our professionals are more than capable of providing you with the highest quality and correctly installed green roofing system, so call us today to set up an appointment, and we’ll get you started in the right direction.

Advantages of Green Roof Installation

There are many advantages of having a green roofing system for your residential or commercial building. It can extend the duration of your roof foundation over 200%, by covering the waterproofing agent with growing medium and vegetation. This system is able to take in about 75% of water intake from heavy rainstorms, gradually ridding the water via condensation and transpiration. It also helps save money when in need of repair because it costs only one-third of how much you spent during the initial installation process. A great investment as well, green roofs increase the value of your home by at least 7%, and also available for beneficial tax credits.

Types of Green Roof Applications

There are a few different routes you can take when applying a green roofing system to your residential building. Whether it be intensive, extensive, or a selection of roof gardens (such as sod roofs), there are many different ways to have a durable energy-efficient roofing system.  Extensive green roofing systems are able to support up to at least 10-25 pounds of vegetation and is a self sustaining system. While intensive green roofing systems can hold up to 80-150 pounds.

If you’re looking to turning your roofing system into a more energy efficient and benevolent commodity than maybe green roofing is for you. Prusak Roofing is your top shop choice for green roof installation and repair in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL.