Insurance Claims & Roof Repairs

smoldering roof after fireThere are a variety of reasons your roof can become damaged. Sometimes your roof simply is suffering from the wear and tear of time. However, there are times when damages are caused by a more extreme situation. Fire, wind, hail, tornadoes, flooding and more can cause severe damage to your roof. If you are facing roof damages, contact us for assistance right away. We will send a team of expert roofers to assist you with an inspection and repairs. We are experts in handling the insurance claims process as well. When you need help with roof repairs and insurance claims in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL, call (708) 422-2624.

We understand how stressful a roofing emergency can truly be. That is why we are prompt to respond to our calls and our roofers will be efficient when handling an inspection. However, when you hire our team to assist you, you can rest assured you will receive a professional, thorough inspection. This is extremely important. Missed damages can worsen with time and cost you far more in repairs later. For example, a small undetected leak could turn into a much bigger problem. Water can slowly seep into the lower layering of your roofing material. This eventually can damage the structure of your roofing system. And with time this will lead to water damage to your ceiling and interior. Eventually even a small leak can weaken the integrity of your entire home!

The Insurance Claims Process

insurance claim formsWhen you are repairing your roof due to storm or fire damages it is important to have the help of a professional roofer on your side. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to your property and while they are well educated in what they do, they have the best interest of the insurance company in mind. You need a professional roofer on your side to have your best interest in mind. That is where our team comes into play. We will inspect your roof, come up with a proper estimate and work with you through the entire claims process, from beginning to end.

We not only can help you file your insurance claim, we can then proceed to provide you with the highest quality roof repairs around. We use premium products that we provide for affordable rates. And we will work with you to schedule the repair work in a timely manner.

We are the team to contact after the storm has passed for insurance claims and roof repairs in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL. Call today to learn more: (708) 422-2624.