Skylight Service Installation


Are you a homeowner interested in skylight installation? Well, you’re on the right track! Skylights are being installed in more and more homes, saving homeowners’ money all across the country! At Prusak Roofing, we specialize in skylight service installation in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL.
Instead of using pay-for-it lights, skylights provide natural and brighter light in your room and bring out the vibrant colors of your furniture and walls. The best part of employing a skylight is when you get that electric bill and it a lot less than it was before you had installed your skylight. Our professionals are able to provide any type of skylight service at a great price range, so call today to set up an appointment.

Types of Skylights

Steel-and-glass-skylight-with-architectural-detailNo matter the job, our professionals at Prusak Roofing are your best choice to get the job done right. Our job isn’t done until we have your 100% satisfaction. There are a few different styles of skylights you can choose for your residential roofing system. We have the tools and resources to provide you with the best services in town. Here are a couple of different types of skylights we are able to work with:

Fixed Unit Skylight: A non-operable system without ventilation that can be made from plastic or glass that’s installed for most homes and public buildings. 

Operable Skylight: This type uses a hinged sash to support the frame and if close enough to people in the room can be used as a “roof window.”

Benefits of a Skylight Service

When installing your skylight into your home, you already cut one-third of your electric bill and save energy to have a more “green-style” home. Skylights improve the psychological environment of a building due to the natural light and positive affect it brings to the people inhabiting the building. Studies show that students often get higher test scores and are more effective when they are exposed to natural light.

If you are interested in natural lighting in your home, please call today so we can set you up with an appointment to get you started. Prusak Roofing is your best option for skylight services and installation in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL.