Soffit and Fascia

soffit-and-fascia 2When it comes to maintaining a long-lasting roofing system, it’s important to know that there are many different areas of the roof that you may need to acquaint yourself with and be able to identify when looking for damages to your home. At Prusak Roofing, we are your number one roofing company for soffit and fascia repair in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL. The soffit is the underlying structure of your roofing system that supports the structure of your residential roofing system; bridging a line between your home’s siding and roof line. A fascia is a band under the roof edge to hold the integrity of your roofing gutter system.

One of the main functions of a soffit is to allow ventilation in the home’s attic or ceiling area to keep the interior cool and not so humid. Its material is made from vinyl, an effective material that’s best used for withstanding any type of disintegration. Fascias play an important role for your home’s aesthetic value, adding a smoother and cleaner look to the outer layer of your roofing edge, and protecting the entire roof from water damage by blocking the water’s entrance into the home.

Soffit and Fascia Repair

If you see any type of damage to either the soffit or fascia, please call a professional roofer right away before the problem increases to your home’s foundation, and the damage costs increase. Prusak Roofing has the experience and resources to give you the highest quality repairs around. If you’re looking to replace your roofing system, it may be easier to replace your fascia before you get your new roof because it’s less costly and an easier installation process. Picking the right type of material for your soffit and fascia is vital for longevity as well. Our experts are more than glad to help you through the process and will work with you closely to accommodate your needs. Call today to set up an appointment!

Don’t hesitate! We can increase your roof’s durability and aesthetic appeal. At Prusak Roofing we are your top roofing contractor in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL for soffit and fascia repair.