Signs You Need New Gutters

new gutters

New gutters stand as a fine improvement for any home.

Gutters provide an invaluable service for homes and businesses. Rainfall represents a serious danger for most structures, as they can become susceptible to damage from water. A gutter system redirects water to protect a structure from harm. However, like all components of a house, gutters will eventually need replacement. Gutters become less able to perform their work as they age or absorb damage. Keep an eye out for the following indications that you need new gutters.

Sags and Separation

Gutters that have started to sag under the weight of debris cannot properly do their work. Separation from the house also prevents the proper function of a gutter system. If your gutters have sags or separation, then you need to consider replacement. Excess debris and water will cause these problems for old or improperly designed gutters.

Pools of Water

If water has begun to collect around your house, then your gutters have ceased to properly function. Gutters should channel water well away from the structure. Water that collects nearby can seep beneath the foundation and cause trouble. Mildew serves as another sign of improper drainage.

Rust and Peeling Paint

Rust and peeling paint both indicate water damage. If your gutters have rust, then they have aged to the extent that they need replacement. Peeling paint near the gutters means that the system does not properly contain water. You could have splits or separation in the gutter through which water escapes. Like rust, peeling paint serves as a sign that you need new gutters.

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