When Is It Time to Get New Siding?


Siding Acts as a Protective Layer for Your Home Against Critters, Bugs, Storms, and Damage.

Your siding does more than just make your home look its best! This system actually protects the structure from possible damage from pests, water and weather. Over time, in order to keep your home’s protection at its best, replacement may become necessary. But how can you tell if it is time to replace this system? We have compiled a few signs that may indicate that your home needs new siding installed!

Signs You Need New Siding

Damage along the Surface – Damage can arise along your siding in many different ways. This could be cracks, holes or more. However, these all indicate that the seal your system once made for your home has failed. When your system becomes damaged, it allows moisture into your home’s exposed structure, which can lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and even wood rot. These areas should be replaced quickly to protect your structure from further damage.

Faded & Outdated Appearance – Many people think that worrying about faded siding is merely an aesthetic issue. While it can hinder home sale when the time comes, it can actually point towards a larger issue. Fading and an out of date look can actually be telling you that replacement is necessary as discoloration means it is actually wearing down and becoming more vulnerable. Replacement can prevent damage from occurring.

Poor Energy Efficiency – Did you know your siding actually plays a role in your home’s energy efficiency? It helps your home to control its internal temperature by preventing heat loss. When worn or damaged, it can allow drafts into the home. During replacement, you may also want your contractor to consider adding more insulation to further improve energy efficiency.

Frequent Maintenance – As with many other things, as your siding gets older, it can require more and more repairs and it begins to fail. Have you noticed an uptick in the need for maintenance and repair of your home? It may be cheaper to just replace the whole system instead.

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