What Are The Best Gutter Maintenance Tips For Spring?

When it comes to roof maintenance, it is important to remember your gutters! After a basic visual check from the ground you can usually determine when it is time for a thorough cleaning! Make sure your gutters are ready for the rainy season with the following gutter maintenance tips!

Gutter Maintenance in Bridgeview, IL

Keep Your Gutters Ready For Anything With These Gutter Maintenance Tips!

Gutter Maintenance Tips in Bridgeview, IL

Inspect On Foot

After heavy wind or rain, it is a good time to check out your gutters. Walk around your house, and look at your gutters. Look for signs of rusting or leaking, and if any areas are sagging or appear loose. Also look on the ground, and watch for pooling water around your foundation. If you notice any of these problems, it is safest to call a professional roofer to help you repair these problems, but you may be able to repair them yourself!

How Clean Are Your Gutters?

If you have a few trees in your yard, or your neighbor’s yard, you likely have to pick up leaves from your lawn fairly often. It is very likely your gutters catch a good amount of leaves too. All of the debris that falls from your roof often gathers in your gutters. It is important to clear your gutters of leaves, twigs, acorns, dirt, and more! Remember that your gutters protect your roof, so you want to keep them clear and draining properly. After removing the debris, use a water hose to clean them more thoroughly.

While you are up on the ladder, take some time to check the spikes that secure your gutters to your roof to make sure they are properly attached. If they are loose, they may need to be replaced.

Safety First

When you are using a ladder, be careful! Many people are injured each year from improper ladder usage. Make sure the ladder is securely stable, and do not climb the top two or three rungs, as this can make the ladder too top heavy. Do not overreach while on the ladder, as you can imbalance it if you do. However, remember that it is safer to use a ladder than to try and clean your gutters from a top the roof!

If you need gutter repair in Bridgeview, IL, call Prusak Roofing at (708) 422-2624. Our professional¬†roofers can upgrade your gutters to a new, rust-resistant material and even provide more tips on roof and gutter maintenance. We even offer professional inspection services, if ladders just aren’t your style!