What’s the Difference Between a Skylight and a Solar Tube

If your home has dark, closed in spaces and you want to brighten them up, installing a natural light in the ceiling is always a great option. There are two types of natural light sources. The first is a skylight window. The second option is called a solar tube. Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. provides installation and repair services for both skylight windows and solar tubes.

Solar Panel On Roof

Solar Tubes and Skylights Function Differently to Provide Light for Your Home.

Skylight and a Solar Tube Differences

Many people think that a skylight is the same as a solar tube. While they are similar, there are some very distinct features that allow them to function in very different ways. Here is a breakdown of the differences between a skylight and a solar tube.

Skylight Windows
A skylight window is essentially a window in your roof. It is made from reinforced glass that captures the light energy from the sun and emits it to the room below. These windows can only provide light for the roof in which they are installed and they only work during the daytime when there is light for the window to capture.

Solar Tubes
A solar tube has an acrylic dome that sits on the roof and captures light from the sun. The light is reflected down a metal tube into the attic or crawlspace. From there, the light is captured by a diffusing plate, which is installed in the ceiling of the room below. This manner of capturing and reflecting light allows solar tubes to direct light to many rooms, even rooms that are not directly under the opening. Additionally, a solar tube can be equipped with an electric light to provide light even after dark.

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