Winter Roof Preparation

WinterWhen winter arrives, we always prepare our cars, our outdoor features and tools, and even our gardens. But what about the roof? Your roof is key in how your home handles a winter and is protected from damage and wear. Preparing your roof for winter storms, snow and ice should be a part of everyone’s routine. It is understandable that it sometimes falls to the wayside, but it is always better late than never to get your roof ready for the cold weather. In order to best prepare, we have compiled a short checklist for getting your roof in ship-shape.

Winter Roof Checklist

1. Take a Quick Look.

It is always a good idea to look at your roof once a month. Look around for any missing shingles or materials. These bald areas will be weaker than the rest and may cause leaks in the future. Take note of these areas and have them repaired when you are able.

2. Ensure Your Gutters are Clean

Gutters are crucial to how your roof handles the winter. Make sure they are clean. During the day, these will carry away the melting snow and ice, preventing your roof from receiving water damage. Once clean, you may consider installing a gutter guard or leaf shield to prevent tree leaves from getting caught in them.

3. Inspect Your Attic

Your attic houses the insulation for your home and roof. If there is a leak or damage, it may become apparent after you inspect your attic. Take a look at your insulation and keep an eye out for any drafts. Replenishing your insulation will help your home be more energy efficient during the winter.

Our final step is to get a roof inspection. A roof inspection will allow you to ensure that all potential problems you have seen during your winter preparation are taken care of. This will fortify your roof, giving you an extra layer of protection and less worry during these long winter months. Do you need a residential roof inspection or repair? Call Prusak Roofing today at (708) 422-2624 to get started!