What is Involved in Roof Restoration?

A Man Pressure Washes a Tile Roof

Restoration Always Starts With Thorough Cleaning and Roof Repair, to Ensure Coating Goes Smoothly.

Is your roof approaching the end of its expected lifetime? If so, you may have more options than you’d think when it comes to caring for your home. Roof restoration offers many homeowners the chance to save thousands and continue enjoying their current roofing system. The problem is, there’s little information online that will tell you what is involved in roof restoration.

Today, we’re going to break the process down and answer some key questions. By the end, you should have an idea of whether or not roof restoration is right for your family. Let’s dive in!

What is a Roof Restoration?

Let’s say your roof is starting to show signs of its age. It’s still in fair condition, but more and more shingles are starting to fail with each major storm. There’s no way your budget is ready for a roof replacement yet. What’s the solution? While some companies might say “Tough luck! You’re just going to have to spring for that replacement,” others would suggest seeing if your house qualifies for roof restoration.

With restoration, professional roofers can take a worn roof that’s still in good structural condition, fix minor damages, then apply a protective coating. This process extends the life of your roof, while simultaneously delaying that costly roof replacement. Restoration can be valuable for all kinds of roofing materials, from simple shingles to more ornate metal designs.


What is an Example of Restoration?

Imagine a tile roof that has seen better days. The rich, vibrant red color has long faded. There are small cracks in a few of the concrete tiles, which will need to be replaced. When examined by professionals however, the homeowner learns that the roof is in good structural condition. He could replace the roof now and spend tens of thousands of dollars, or he could choose restoration.

After choosing restoration, the roofing company repairs, cleans, and coats his concrete tile roof. Afterwards, the tile shines with new color. The roof looks better now than it has for over a decade.


How Much Does it Cost for a Roof Restoration?

Frankly, there are too many variables to provide you with a definite estimate. You’ll have to talk with local professionals about your materials and your roof’s overall condition. They will provide you with a sum that should include all the costs of your project.

First is the spot roof repair costs, which will hinge on the roof material, plus the size and scale of damage. Next comes the cleaning costs of pressure washing. The national average for low pressure washing (according to is $250-$300, though more complicated roof systems will cost more.

Finally, coating costs will be determined by company pricing and the type of coating you choose for the project. Fancier coating materials, those with high UV reflection and other perks, will naturally bring your total higher. Make sure to take down estimates from several different companies before you settle on a bid. Also, be sure to check the reviews for the whatever coating your company recommends. Never try to perform a restoration yourself. Just like a licensed electrician has the valued experience and tools need to perform their job, roofing professionals are uniquely equipped to care for your roof.


How to Do Roof Restoration

First of all, the existing roof will need to be thoroughly inspected for cleanliness, structural integrity, and leak protection. The decking beneath the shingles (tile, etc.) will be checked to ensure there is no residual moisture that could threaten the roof in the future. This step is very important; only roofs that in fair condition should be considered for restoration.

Next, all minor damages have to be addressed. That means ensuring that all segments (shingles, tile, metal panels) are properly sealed and adhered to the roof. If the roof is noticeably dirty, it should be carefully pressure washed to ensure a clean surface. This ensures that the upcoming coatings will be effectively absorbed into the roofing materials.

Once the roof has dried out, coating can start. A penetrating sealer sinks into the materials and provides a foundation for the subsequent layers to adhere to. Next comes the colored coatings that provide the powerful protection your roof needs against ultraviolet light and other roofing hazards. The typical choice is an elastomeric membrane, which expands and contracts with the changing of the seasons.

Roof Restoration vs Replacement

A Man Bends Over to Apply an Elastomeric Coating

Elastomeric Coatings Protect Your Roof From the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays, Which Degrade Pigment.

Replacement is a very involved solution that basically means starting from scratch. All existing materials, no matter their current condition, will be torn off and taken to the dump. Depending on the new material that you select for your roof, there may or may not be new supports and decking to install. It’s going to cost significantly more than restoration, but you’ll have a brand new roof.

Restoration, on the other hand, allows you to keep your current roofing materials. While there will be roof repair work that you wouldn’t have to complete with a replacement, this is a relatively minor cost. After the cleaning and coating is finished, you’ll have a like-new roof that looks incredible. You’ll also save thousands of dollars and delay replacement for years.

Schedule Your Roof Restoration Today!

Is roof restoration worth it? If your home qualifies for restoration, most likely yes. You should always consult with your trusted roofer to ensure that your roof is in good enough condition to handle a restoration. They can help you make an informed decision in the matter.

Want to learn more about roof restorations & repairs in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL? Our team at Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. would love to answer all your questions and explain the process in detail. Contact us today at (708) 422-2624 to get started!


How to Get Your Own Green Roof

Have you ever seen a gorgeous green roofing system? They’ve been very popular in commercial settings, but recently they’ve spilled into the residential roofing market. Thanks to their growing popularity and the increasing number of vendors, these living roof systems become more and more accessible each year. So how does one go about building one of these green roof systems? Here’s a quick guide on the subject!

What is a Green Roof?

Rustic Home With Green Roofing System

Green Roofs Provide a Beautiful, Environmentally-Friendly Solution for Homeowners.

While there are multiple varieties of “green roofing” we’ll focus on the literal category. These living roof designs utilize natural plant life, situated within a special growing medium atop a waterproof layer. These plants grow and multiply just like any other, although measures are taken to prevent roots from penetrating underlying layers. The result is a beautiful, energy-efficient roofing system that benefits the environment as much as your home or business. 

Green Roof Benefits

There are numerous benefits to owning a green roof system. Below are just some of the many perks homeowners enjoy:

  • Plants create an environmentally friendly environment.
  • They also purify the surrounding air.
  • Green roof systems boast a high energy efficiency factor.
  • Local government sometimes offers tax incentives.
  • The roofing is visually striking.
  • Green roofing systems are low-maintenance.
  • The growth medium absorbs up to 70% of water when it rains.
  • You don’t have to worry about hail dinging your roof.
  • The roofing absorbs sound from outside.
  • Green roofs tend to increase the value of a property.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose green roofing for your home. There are some important questions to answer though, before getting into the planning process.

How Much Does a Green Roof Cost?

First, it’s worth noting that there are two kinds of living roof: extensive and intensive. Extensive systems utilizes smaller plants and requires less growth medium as a result. The starting cost lies at $10 per square foot of roofing. Intensive green roof systems can support larger plants (even trees), so in needs a deeper reserve of growth medium. Starting costs per square foot is $25 for these roofs. You can also expect yearly maintenance costs to run anywhere from 75 cents to $1.50 per square foot.

Do Green Roofs Leak?

Green Roofing System at a Public Library

Some Local Governments Offer Tax Incentives for Green Roofing, Especially for Businesses.

One of the great perks of green roof systems is that they (the plants and growth medium) absorb up to 70% of rain water. These systems are designed with a special drainage system that directs extra water away from the roof. Roofs are generally checked for leaks during installation, and they have a waterproof membrane installed beneath just like any other roofing system.

That being said, it is possible for green roof systems to develop a leak. When that happens, you can talk with your green roofing specialist about inspecting your roof and fixing the damaged area. There are also specialized equipment that can locate the area quickly without destructive digging. Though it might not be as demanding as your plumbing maintenance, green roofing upkeep may include the occasional watering of plants during extended dry periods and minor sectional replacement if any plants die.

How to Design a Green Roof

Choosing a Size

First of all, you’ll need to weigh your options based on roof support requirements, budgeting, and functional goals. Remember, the more growth medium installed, the more weight support required. Even if you are installing a smaller green roof section, you’ll need to talk with your roofer about building sufficient supports.

Most homeowners with a smaller base roofing system choose an extensive roofing system with the lower growth medium volume. Large homes and businesses may choose a intensive solution, so that they can enjoy a rooftop garden environment. It’s important that you choose the solution that’s right for your property size.

Choosing Your Roof Plants

Your local green roofing company’s input is particularly valuable in this planning phase. You’ll want to pick flora that specifically thrives in your home’s local environment. That includes yearly and seasonal rainfall, the amount of direct sunlight your roof will experience, as well as any exhaust coming out of your home. For areas that have long periods without rain, drought tolerance is a must for your plants.

Now you can have plants put in during installation, or you can choose a pre-grown plant mat. Plant mats come matured shrubs without any weeds inside. These mats are simply rolled out onto your green roof section by section after the base layers have been installed.

Living Roof Construction

The Installation Process

A Rooftop Garden Green Roofing System

Green Roofing Systems Require Special Care During Installation, Particularly When it Comes to Drainage.

First, a special boundary is constructed to hold back the plant growth and the growth medium. If you’re wondering which materials work best for this structure, you’ll want a water-friendly, corrosion-resistant material. Many professionals recommend a rot-resistant wood. In the boundary, drainage holes should be cut into the sides to allow water to drain (though these should have a screen to prevent medium from falling out.

Second, a waterproofing layer is installed on top of your existing roofing system. Your current roof structure doesn’t go away. In fact, it still provides a key insulating layer and roof supports to manage the weight of the plants and earth.

Third, a drainage layer is placed that will capture and direct any water that slips through the growth medium. Careful design is absolutely essential in the section, in order to avoid pooling water beneath the plants. There’s a bit more to the drainage system that we’ll touch on in a second.

Lastly, a root blocking cloth is installed to prevent plants from extending beneath the growth medium. This layer also allows water to pass through into the reservoirs below. On top of this layer is the growth medium itself and the plants therein.

Why You Should Trust a Professional

While some of the work could easily be completed by a savvy homeowner, green roofing systems should be installed by professionals. Installing the root barrier, lifting the materials, and other aspects of the process all benefit from a trained experts touch. Other perks of using a professional include:

  • It’s safer when constructing the structural supports.
  • Better design and implementation for your drainage system
  • There are fewer chances of leaks in the waterproof layer.
  • You’ll learn which plants work best with your local environment.
  • Overall installation will be completed faster.

Our team at Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. would love to help you design and install a green roof for your home! To learn more about living roofs, optimal roof plants, or any related topic, talk with our experts about green roof systems in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL by calling (708) 422-2624.


Is Your Heating Or Electric Bill Suddenly Higher?

If you suddenly get your heating bill in the mail and it is higher than it usually is, you may start to wonder what is going on. What could be happening that would raise your bill enough to question it? There are several things that could be happening, and you should definitely look into it before the problem gets worse and you end up losing more many that even before.

What Could The Problem Be?

Piggy Bank On Heater

Don’t Lose Your Hard Earned Money Through Your Roof.

Heating System – By having a heating system service done, you can ensure that the problem is with your roof and not your heating system. If it turns out that your system is not working correctly, that will be a sign that it likely isn’t your roof.

Insulation Problem – When the insulation in your home or in your attic is not working correctly, the air from your home can escape out of the ceiling. If this is happening all of the time, your heater or air will continue to run and your bill will end up being higher. If this occurs, you should consider getting insulation services in Bridgeview, IL.

Roof Damage – When there is roof damage or some kind of opening in your roof, the cold air from outside is coming in and the hot air from your home is going out. Either way, it mixes for a disaster and a very high energy bill if you don’t get it under control.

If you have a problem with your roof in Bridgeview and Chicago, IL, call us at (708) 422-2624 and let us take a look for you.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Roof?

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Provides Quality protection for Your Home and Energy Efficiency.

If you are looking into roof replacement, you may be interested in energy efficient options. Energy efficiency is a great way to both save on bills as well as help the environment. However, when you are searching for the best option for you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the available possibilities. Which is the best option for your new roofing system? At Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc., we highly recommend metal roofing! Metal roofing is a fantastic, durable material that improves your energy efficiency through its reflectivity. This means that it bounces the suns rays away from your property, ensuring that the heat does not affect your property. Not only that, but metal roofing can provide many more benefits to your home:

  • This roofing material can last up to 50 years.
  • Metal roofing is classified for fire resistance.
  • Water slides off of these systems and won’t enter your home
  • Metal is also eco-friendly and can be recycled at a later time.

Why Energy Efficiency is Important

While many people only think of the implications of energy efficiency in the terms of their personal savings, it actually has a great effect on your community and the environment. In reducing the amount of energy used by your home, it means energy produced by the power company can be more evenly distributed to your community. This means they will not have to produce more in order to power the neighborhood and will use less natural resources as well! There are many other tactics you can do to try and increase your home’s efficiency, such as more energy efficient appliances and ensuring your home is properly insulated. There are also ways to lower your water usage to promote energy efficiency too! Want to get started on your new metal roof and better energy efficiency today? Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. is available to assist you! Contact our roofers at (708) 422-2624 for your metal roofing in Bridgeview, IL.

Flat Roof VS Sloped Roof

Flat Roof Vs Sloped

Flat Roofing Gives Commercial Properties Quality Defense And Low-Cost Installation.

Have you noticed that many commercial buildings have flat roof systems for their building? While some of this is a decision on part of the building construction, many commercial business owners actually prefer the choice of this system instead of a sloped roof. Both systems offer quality benefits to the properties they are on, so which is the better option? One of the main benefits of a sloped roof is that it offers a path for water to leave your roofing system as well as slightly easier inspection. However, a flat roof can give you durable defense, cheaper installation, easy maintenance, and even energy efficiency. To top it off, it can add increased space for commercial HVAC systems, such as rooftop systems, industrial chillers and more, which allow experienced technicians to complete service that doesn’t affect your business. It’s for these reasons commercial businesses choose flat roofing for their building’s defense.

What Type of Flat Roof Is the Best?

As with any roofing system, the flat roof you choose for installation should match your property’s main defense concerns. To that effect, there are many different materials available for flat roof installation. Before choosing, take some time to consider the area your property is located in as well as any top concerns, such as storm damage, durability, energy efficiency and more. Knowing what you want will help you make the best decision. Some of the available choices for your commercial roofing system are:

  • EPDM: This flat roof material is also known as rubber roofing. It offers the flexibility of installation for your system and is known for being one of the most durable flat roof systems available. It can combat anything the environment throws its way.
  • PVC: Not only is this system energy efficient, but it also is completely recyclable, meaning it can be used to create new roofing! PVC reflects the suns rays, keeping your property comfy year round for customers and personnel.
  • TPO: The best of both worlds, TPO has the seam durability of EPDM and the energy efficiency of TPO. However, this system also sports flexibility fo style, giving you options for installation. It is also easy to install and won’t interrupt your business day.

How Do You Drain a Flat Roof?

Since the roof is flat, you may wonder how it will handle water dispersed from rain storms. What you may not realize is that ensuring the roof has quality drainage is a key part of the installation process. Before installation occurs, your roofing contractor should assess the property and decide where and how much drainage is needed to keep your roof at its best and get rid of damaging water. When choosing a new roofing system you always want to be sure that you choose a roofer that is trustworthy and respected for using quality materials and technique. This is critical for drainage, which, if not planned or installed correctly, can allow the water to puddle on your roof, leading to wear, damage, and even roofing failure. Poor application of materials on top of this can show ad bubbling as moisture seeps below your materials from these puddles, affecting the structure of your property. If you are looking to get started today on your new flat roof in Bridgeview, IL, Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. is always available to assist you with quality roofing systems. Give us a call today at (708) 422-2624

Getting a New Roof: How To Plan

Are you planning on getting a new roof anytime soon? There are a few things you probably want to consider doing beforehand to make sure that you get the very best roof for your home or commercial building. Buying a new roof is a very large investment and you want to be sure that when you do it, that you don’t have to do it again for a long time. One way you can make sure if that is to do your homework. This means that you need to look into everything that you can think of about roofing like price, material, longevity, and even the company that is going to do it. Below we have a few things you will want to plan out beforehand.

What To Do

Budget – It is important that you know what your budget is beforehand. Not only will this help you to decide what you can and cannot afford, but it will help you narrow down your choices before.

Material – This is going to be a major factor because this is what will be on your roof for the next 15-70 plus years depending on what you get. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do the research yourself if you want to see what else is out there.

If you ever have questions about roofing or prices, call Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. at (708) 422-2624 and we will be more than happy to help you.

When Is It Time to Get New Siding?


Siding Acts as a Protective Layer for Your Home Against Critters, Bugs, Storms, and Damage.

Your siding does more than just make your home look its best! This system actually protects the structure from possible damage from pests, water and weather. Over time, in order to keep your home’s protection at its best, replacement may become necessary. But how can you tell if it is time to replace this system? We have compiled a few signs that may indicate that your home needs new siding installed!

Signs You Need New Siding

Damage along the Surface – Damage can arise along your siding in many different ways. This could be cracks, holes or more. However, these all indicate that the seal your system once made for your home has failed. When your system becomes damaged, it allows moisture into your home’s exposed structure, which can lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and even wood rot. These areas should be replaced quickly to protect your structure from further damage.

Faded & Outdated Appearance – Many people think that worrying about faded siding is merely an aesthetic issue. While it can hinder home sale when the time comes, it can actually point towards a larger issue. Fading and an out of date look can actually be telling you that replacement is necessary as discoloration means it is actually wearing down and becoming more vulnerable. Replacement can prevent damage from occurring.

Poor Energy Efficiency – Did you know your siding actually plays a role in your home’s energy efficiency? It helps your home to control its internal temperature by preventing heat loss. When worn or damaged, it can allow drafts into the home. During replacement, you may also want your contractor to consider adding more insulation to further improve energy efficiency.

Frequent Maintenance – As with many other things, as your siding gets older, it can require more and more repairs and it begins to fail. Have you noticed an uptick in the need for maintenance and repair of your home? It may be cheaper to just replace the whole system instead.

Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. provides expert installation and replacement for your needs in Bridgeview, IL. Need new siding for your home? Call us at (708) 422-2624 today!

Roof Shingles 101

We Can Help You Select the Perfect Shingle for Your Home.

Your Shingle Selection is Imperative to the Performance of Your Roof System.

When it comes time to reshingle your roof, you may be taken back a bit at the wide variety of shingles that are available. In order to help you find the perfect fit for your home, consider the protection you’re looking for and the price you want to pay.

Standard Asphalt

These roof shingles are the most popular roofing choice in the country and can be seen on almost every roof you pass. They deliver minimal protection to your home, but they are also the most affordable selection. Asphalt shingles can last up to 15 years, and provide wind, rain, and hail protection, along with resistance to UV rays. However, these shingles are simply a second layer of your roofing system and can fall victim to serious damage.

Premium Asphalt Shingles

When you want the affordability of asphalt shingles, but are looking for a little more protection and dimension, consider premium varieties. These can include impact resistant shingles and architectural shingles and are slightly more pricey than standard versions. While architectural roof shingles provide more depth and dimension to your roof, they don’t provide much extra protection. However, since they have a singular design instead of sheets, they are easily repaired. Impact resistant shingles provide reinforced impact protection but offer no extra resistance to other hazards. These shingles also have wider designs to help them stay in place in severe weather.

Synthetic Shingles

These roof shingles offer the enhanced appearance of slate, tile, or wood, and deliver substantially more protection from the elements than standard asphalt. These shingle varieties are constructed from polymers to increase durability, longevity, and even fade resistance. While these shingles are more expensive than standard shingles, they deliver incredible protection and little maintenance.

Wood Shingles

While wood roof shingles and shakes deliver an unbeatable appearance, they are quite pricey and require heavy maintenance for optimal performance. These shingles provide excellent resistance to UV rays which can decrease your energy costs and can offer unbeatable impact resistance. However, heavy moisture and frequent rainfall can lead to problems with mold and mildew.

Metal Shingles

Though one of the most expensive choices, metal shingle systems offer unrivaled protection and durability. They can resemble the look of wood, tile, and even slate. Lasting upwards of 50 years, these lightweight shingles can stand up to water, UV rays, wind, impact, and more. While you can expect to pay a hefty upfront cost for this roof system, low maintenance and minimal repairs can help to offset the price over time.

Knowing what you want from your roof shingles can help to make your installation process smoother and less stressful. For complete guidance and installation of your new roof, call the Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. experts at __PHONE__ to schedule your consultation.

3 Styles for Your Metal Roof

House with a Green Metal Roof

Installing a Metal Roof Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal.

If your roofing materials need to be replaced, it is a good time to consider the possibility of upgrading to a stronger, more durable roofing material that will provide excellent protection for your home. The staff at Prusak Construction & Roofing, Inc. recommends installing a metal roof on your home. Metal roofing materials will not only provide the best protection from a variety of elements, but they can also improve the appearance of your house.

Different Metal Roof Styles

Once you have decided to install a metal roof on your house, the next step is to decide what style of roof you want. Here are three very popular styles of metal roofing materials.

Metal Roof Shingles
Metal shingles are easy to install and they can create the illusion of a wide range of more high-end roofing materials for a fraction of the cost. Once they are properly installed, they require very little maintenance and can last for a very long time.

Stone Coated Steel
Stone coated steel roofing material provides the appearance of tile and ceramic tiles with all the durability of steel. It is an incredibly long-lasting roof that provides a unique appearance for your home.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing
If you’re looking for a bold looking roof that will provide excellent protection for home, you can’t go wrong with standing seam metal roofing. This roof is resistant to leaks and water damage because of the design of the raised seams.

For more information about installing a metal roof in Bridgeview, IL, contact our staff at (708) 422-2624. We guarantee a professional installation for a strong durable roof.

Why Choose a Roof Restoration?

Do you have an aging commercial roof system with a lot of wear and tear? No matter what type of roof system you may have, aging will continue to take a toll on the performance of the roof system, leading you to choose between replacement and restoration. Restoration is a great way to extend the life of the roof at a much lower cost than a roof replacement. However, a roof restoration is only a possible choice if utilized within the proper time frame, meaning that if you put it off for too long, you may have no choice but to replace.

Why Do I Need A Roof Restoration?

Roof Coating

Have You Considered A Roof Restoration?

Severe weather, along with the sun and even general aging can put a lot of damage on your roof over time. Roof replacements are costly, time consuming, and generally a hassle for many of the people involve. Because of this, it is best if you only choose roof replacement as your last resort. By choosing a roof restoration in lieu of a complete roof replacement, you can avoid spending thousands on labor and materials, as well as the pain of installation times. Restoring your roof system can address issues such as ponding water and mold growth, and even repair issues such as torn roof membrane and cracked seams.

There are several different kinds of roof restoration techniques, the most common of which are roof coatings. To learn more, give our team a call today at (708) 422-2624!